Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Of hummingbirds and clouds

Quick straw poll (as evidence for my next entry): Who out there knows off the top of his or her head the origin(s) of the phrase "more cowbell?" A simple yes or no will suffice, and I'd be ever so grateful!

Well, the Heroes premier turned out to be yet another set-up episode, in which we catch up the viewers and open up new story lines that we will presumably follow in the weeks to come. So no need for spoiler alerts because there is not much to say. Watching was satisfying, of course, in that way that it's always somewhat satisfying finally to encounter what you have been wishing to see, but I wanted more, of course. More, more, more, darn it!

The real story of the week's premiers thus far, however, turns out to be Gilmore Girls and Veronica Mars. Don't worry, no spoilers here either, but I will say that GG finally appears to be both finding its new groove a bit and more successfully hearkening back to the days of Amy S. P. with snappier dialogue, more believable stories, and quirkier subplots. I actually laughed out loud several times, something I haven't done since last season. Huzzah! And VM seems equally promising: the new mystery looks convoluted, intriguing, and full of red herrings (though they have to wrap it up-ish in 6 "all new" episodes, which seems somewhat rushed and/or premature); the supporting characters are getting new bursts of creative energy from the writers; and it looks like VM's dad will be playing a major role in the weeks to come, and I, for one, have missed his presence mightily. More huzzahs! I'm pleased as a red fruity beverage served at junior high parties!

I'm serious about the "more cowbell" thing, by the way.

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Anonymous said...

Yes from Kathy. More cowbell!