Monday, February 12, 2007

Sunday, bloody Sunday

A week of lessons learned on television:
  • Monday: "You get to know people if you see them when they think they're alone. You see them for what they truly are: selfish, deceitful, and gassy." (Heroes, ala the invisible man)
  • Tuesday: Christopher is a cad, Luke is lovable, and Lorelai/Rory are losing their mojo (sadly, a repeat of last week's lesson on The Gilmore Girls...and the week before that...and the week before that...)
  • Wednesday: In case you were confused, the mysterious island is NOT in Portland. However, they do have excellent obstetric care there. (Lost)
  • Thursday: Little girls who don't speak calmly watch big girls who whine in voice overs when they fall off piers in Seattle. (Gray's Anatomy) Actually, Thursday's real lesson was the more voice overs, the better, people! (Gray's, Men in Trees, Scrubs, etc.)
  • Friday: J. Love Hewitt's "girls" need their own show! And illegal street racing is hot! (Ghost Whisperer)
  • Saturday: Saturday night is the new Friday night, a TV wasteland. (All networks).
  • Sunday: "Revenue maximization" is an "RTB" (a reason to believe, of course!). (The Apprentice) And nothing is more watchable than a carpenter with an accent after an on-site accident asking for morphine in the back of an ambulance. (Extreme Makeover: Home Edition)

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