Friday, April 13, 2007

We'll cherish, love, and honor you

So, secretly, even to me, Friday Night Lights has emerged as being my favorite new show this year, despite my earlier reservations. (I'm not above admitting I was oh so wrong back then!) I watched the finale this week, and, if they cancel this show, I will be most put out. So they probably will. But it will hurt like mad when they do.

I think the turnaround came for me when the writers realized that the adults had potential stories that were just as compelling as the kids' and then started writing them that way. Now I want to be the coach's wife. And I want my/the husband to be the coach. And some days, we are already there. Such is the verisimilitude of the show: the conversations seem real, like conversations you would have yourself in such a situation, perhaps have already had (the finale's discussion about whether or not the coach's wife wanted to be pregnant--who hasn't been somewhere near there herself?). And the kids seem, with few exceptions, fairly realistically drawn. A bit too emotionally mature at times (ie Matt Saracen) but largely believable (case in point, Smash's reaction to his girlfriend's bipolar disorder).

And I have even, surprise, surprise, found myself on the edge of my office chair (I watch it on, of course) during the football games, which the husband will attest never happens in real football games (unless they're live and my little brother is playing). NBC has managed quite the coup.

Now if only they can keep it up. Oh please, oh please, oh please!

Oh, and Veronica Mars is back on May 1st. With new episodes?! Huzzah! And this reappearance is very mysterious and hopefully bodes well for next season. Here's hoping!

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