Friday, May 25, 2007

They don't know what is lost

Like many of you out there, I have long since given up on Lost. However, I have to say, after just having watched the season finale, wherein the writers included a twist of gargantuan proportions which has the potential to completely transform the rules under which the show operates, my hope for next season has been restored, just a little bit.

In all fairness, I have to reveal that I reviewed this episode in two minutes to the husband last night to catch him up, so this summary is my second time through, meaning it just won't be as fresh. He always gets my best work, dammit!

SPOILER ALERT! Key plot points of finale about to be discussed, so skip the next three paragraphs if you care.

When last we left our ragged band of castaways, they were involved in an elaborate plot to kill multiple Others and reach the outside world via a sattelite phone (and its operator) that parachuted onto the island and the islands non-functioning radio tower. This episode chronicled the three plots involved in this plot: Sayid, Bernard "I'm a dentist, not Rambo," and Jin's decision to stay at camp and blow away as many Others as possible via sharp (or not so sharp) shooting and dynamite; Charlie and Desmond's attempt to visit the underwater Looking Glass station and un-jam the communications jamming device therein; and Jack's Moses-like attempt to lead his people to freedom (minus Sawyer, Juliette, and Hugo, who returned to the beach when it was suspected that the Sayid-led plot has gone awry). Whether or not these plots are successful (they all are, to some extent, except that Charlie dies) is really immaterial. What is important is the rest of the episode.

Interspersed throughout these stories were flashbacks to a bearded, angry, often incoherent, drug and alcohol-addicted Jack whose suicide attempt is thwarted when he instead rescues someone from a near-by car accident (caused, it turns out, because the driver is distracted by the man attempting to commit suicide...). This bad Jack is out of control and continually trying to call someone after he reads an obituary (of???) and visits the viewing, which no one else attends. He finally contacts the someone and arranges to meet in the dead of night at the end of an airport runway. And who should show up but a very made up and therefore beautiful Kate.

And for one shining moment, I thought "these writers are more diabolical than I have ever imagined! Are they about to reveal that Kate and Jack knew each other BEFORE and have been keeping that to themselves all this time? And, if so, are they about to reveal that Jack and Kate are somehow involved in the plot that led to the crash? And, if so, are they brilliant or dastardly or both??" However, much to my actual surprise, the writers were even more crafty than I had briefly imagined. Instead, Jack tells Kate that he takes flights every weekend, wishing, daring them to crash, just so he can get back to the island, because he is tired of lying to himself, he just has to admit that they made a mistake and they should never have left the island....!!! Are you kidding me? So this little interlude is not a Lost-like flashback but a flash forward, a whole new and deviously subversive plot device, the ramifications of which give me great hope, or at least some hope, for the next season.

I, for one, am staying tuned!

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