Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens


The TV guru in me surfaces briefly to let everyone know that, in a fit of cross-pollinating kismet and serendipity, Veronica Mars' ingenue Kristen Bell will now be starring in a multi-episode arc on NBC's Heroes this fall. Hooray! Someone got cast and show and talent right all at the same time. It appears she was also in talks with Lost but chose Heroes instead, ostensibly to stay close to home but I am hoping because she insightfully recognized which show's time had come and which was only now enjoying it's time in the sun. In addition, she is starring in a new Judd Apatow movie, he of the bawdy cultural zeitgeist of the moment, and an upcoming film entitled appropriately, given her cred, Fanboys, about Star Wars fanatics. Love it!

And then there's the rest of my (non-virtual) life: one week down, 15 more to go (in the semester that is).

So far, the 8am TR class is perky and talkative as all get out, putting the other sluggards to shame. But I have found that my first impressions re which is going to be the best class in terms of grades are often wrong, because I am fooled/delighted by participation, so we shall see.

Early morning Old Testament study is going well. We actually have three students, an unexpected increase of 50%, which is fabulous. And getting up at 5:30 am to be ready to talk at 6:15 am has been doable, at least so far. Tomorrow we start the heavy doctrine, however, so my flush of excitement may wane considerably. And I am starting to feel more and more tired each evening, but one can only go to bed so early, you know?

And the house saga continues: the inspection (which was very thorough and helpful, so I am repenting of my disillusionment) revealed some minor and a few major issues which we have requested to be repaired as of Saturday. As of today, no word back from the sellers re whether or not they will be making said repairs, so the process slogs on.

And no pregnancy updates. We go in to find out how things are a week from tomorrow. We can also find out the gender then but don't want to tell anyone, for reasons steeped in gender politics and feminist theory and a hatred of all things pink, beribboned, or sailor-themed. We shall see how well we hold out on that front.

I need a couch in my office for an afternoon nap. Sigh.....

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