Thursday, September 20, 2007

Longer when you deal with amateurs

So there's this blog, Television Without Pity, that I happen to link to over there on the right of your screen. But there's this other blog,, written by some of the same folks, that is currently running a contest to see if we, the public who cares, can pick the shows of the new crop that will be canceled first. Brilliant idea and fun besides. To help in the effort, they have handicapped the new shows here and even if you have no intention of voting (natch) and/or watching any of these shows (, you should check it out, if only for the witty assessments of drivel, which are always fun. And because this site gives some of the TWoP folks a chance to comment on drivel without being forced to review drivel in minute detail every single week (which seems tortuous--see the current weecaps of Big Brother--the pain felt by the reviewer was palpable). I laughed out loud, alone in my office. It was a good day.

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