Monday, September 17, 2007

I'm gonna live forever

Part 2: Oldies but Goodies...?

I should preface this post by saying that I have become a bad tv watcher, in the sense that I rarely watch tv on the tube anymore, prefering to catch my favorite shows on the computer at my office during my office hours. (That's what they're for right? Heaven knows no students come by!)

That being said, I am still a fairly avid watcher (the husband would say addict) in the new medium. So, to see what I'll be catching this fall, we turn to my planner, wherein I have marked the premiere dates of the shows in question (the addict label seems more appropriate now, doesn't it?):

Prison Break: thank heavens at least some of them are back in a prison, though the cultural stereotyping sure to abound at prison "Sona" in Panama make me cringe in advance.

America's Next Top Model: What can I say? the guiltiest of guilty pleasures!

Survivor: in CHINA, as the ads keep reminding us. Most likely, this will not stay on my slate for more than a few episodes, long enough to confirm that yes, once again, it's ridiculous (a WWE wrestler! a chicken farmer! a Christian radio host! hoo-rah!)

Heroes: the beacon of the fall. I love love love it. and now with Kristen Bell!

Bones: This show is fulfilling my X-files jones nicely: snappy dialogue, romantic undercurrents, lots of love, and freaky cases. And Angel!

House: the only show NOT offered on-line. Fascists! consequently, I may not get around to seeing it, but it makes the list anyway, if only in spirit.

Grey's Anatomy: I can't stop watching, despite the whiny white girls, because the other women (Chandra Wilson, Sandra Oh) are so freakin' fabulous. And, of course, there's McDreamy.

Ghost Whisperer: Jennifer Love Hewitt's incredible cleavage! Dark ghosts! Wacky Jay Mohr! Fun for the whole family! (and something to do when the husband works weekend nights)

and finally...

Friday Night Lights: I could go on and on, but it has been better said here. WATCH IT, if you don't see anything else this season, or it may soon go the tragic way of My So-Called Life and Freaks and Geeks. DON'T let it happen, people!

(obsession, much?? I think I need more than 12 steps...or something else to do with my about a baby??)


Number Three said...

It must be nice to hold office hours and not have students come by. Where I teach--Jesuit school in D.C., not to give too much away--office hours are non-stop students.

Lilita said...

Yes, these are great times. Soon, however, midterm will arrive and, with it, a horde of students, so I enjoy the respite!