Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Making your way in the world today 2

So, in my eagerness to get back to TV, I neglected to talk about some of the new shows that I've been watching, which makes my commentary incomplete (GASP!). So....

Life, the show about the falsely accused police officer who gets a settlement from the city after 12 years in prison, as well as a promotion to detective is oddly intriguing. First, the guy's oddness is intriguing: he has this Zen, Monk-like ability to see what others miss after his time in solitary; he's obsessed with fruit and modern technology; he's a red-head with an attractive but not drop-dead gorgeous face; and he's witty without being seemingly aware that he is, an appreciated trait in the world of Kelsey Grammars. I find the show fun to watch, which is more than I can say about most of what's out there.

Moonlight, the vampire-with-a-conscience detective show that is NOT Angel, actually is good. "Mick St. John" is suave, prone to wearing tight-ish Henleys and black leather (it's not Angel, see, cause Angel wore collared shirts, get it?). His blonde ingenue leaves a little to be desired; she's too doe-eyed for my taste, but Joseph, his vampire with a lot of money friend with no conscience (played by Jason Dohring, Logan of Veronica Mars fame) is slime-ily fabulous. The show's got potential, so we're waiting to see with some hope.

Bionic Woman is bad. The premise of a shady boyfriend stalking and then bionicizing his girlfriend is creepy and the show doesn't salvage itself. The woman herself is boring, despite the luminous group of also ran's from other shows (Third Watch, Crossing Jordan, Grey's Anatomy) that surround her. The only bright spot is the rogue bionic woman, the evil-doer played by Katee Sackoff (Battlestar Galactica), who is deliciously insane. But she is supposed to be the bad guy, right? Right??

Gossip Girl is frothy and sometimes fun but too unreal even for this willing suspender of disbelief. Kristen Bell's voice-overs are delicious, but the rest of the characters are too glitzy, all show and no go. I'm not buying the uptown/downtown rivalry (as one character says, "I'm from Brooklyn, not Appalachia, no offense to people from Appalachia." I mean really, I'm with him.) or the incredible amounts of money, clothes, and privilege. Yawn.

Okay, I've given them equal time, I can put the TV critic to bed 'til mid-season...or the writers' strike, whichever comes first! Stay tuned!

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