Thursday, November 08, 2007

Hiding in the quarter

I am a psychic:

Once upon a time I was watching a Food Network program, a competition among the top 10 Southern cooks. Among them, representing Georgia, was Paula Dean. And she did not win, so you know it was a relatively real competition, not a gimmick. Also among them was John Besh, a chef from Louisiana. After watching the show, which was nice but not spectacularly memorable (I'm still not sure who won), I turned to the husband and said "The Food Network needs to give that John Besh guy his own show. He's just their kind of personality." And that was all.

Until recently, when the Food Network launched its competition to name the Next Iron Chef America. And who should be among the contestants but Mr. Besh? And who should now be in the top two but Mr Besh? Now, becoming an Iron Chef is not an instant road to Food TV fame and fortune (see Cat Kora), but it's a pretty sure way to become a national name. You can read more about his good ole Southern charm here and say I told you so.

(And if he doesn't win, it's only because his competition is a guy who dresses in all black and sports a long goatee and the FN is suffering from the delusion that this kind of winner will broaden their fan base.)


Kenny, Linsey and Caleb said...

Nameless and faceless no longer, post #88 and "the husband" becomes Matt...intentional? or a consequence of the increasing forgetfulness that plagues all third trimesterers?

Lilita said...

CRAP! And yes, it's this dang pregnancy brain, that I doubted and doubted and now have thrust upon me with increasing frequency. Shoot!