Thursday, November 15, 2007

It's the name for a girl UPDATE

I am a girl who likes to throw a party, though I haven't done as much throwing as I would have liked since we moved to SC, largely because the husband's residency friends were primarily the "drink 'til you drop...or drive" type, I was/have been teaching/working more than ever before, and our church friends do such a good job of getting get-togethers together I have left most of the throwing up to them. However, having a good party plays into my strengths: organization, cooking for a crowd, and making people do things (a girl's gotta know her strengths!). So I like to throw a party!

Today marks the first of my three (!!) baby showers, not one of which am I planning, organizing, throwing, or having anything to do with besides showing up, which, frankly, leaves me feeling a little a loose ends. Indeed, baby showers have really never been my thing. Usually when I go, I help in the kitchen until the food is over, and then volunteer to pack up the gifts and wrap supplies in neat, portable, convenient packages for the mom-to-be to take home. This task saves me from having to manufacture a response to each and every item as it is unwrapped, which is helpful since often my true reactions are "why in the world would you subject a child to wearing THAT??"

But today and in the future, I won't get to hide behind busywork. And I am worried. Particularly about today's shower, thrown by the husband's co-workers, the vast majority of whom I have never even met. I was absolutely speechless when they suggested having a shower in the first place. It's very sweet, since who am I to them, but what to expect from the unexpected? Who knows?! Updates to follow, in which I hope to say I learned some grace and graciousness...but who are we kidding??


So, the shower was low-key and had really great food, of which I ate lots and lots. I even won a door prize! And they gave me a lovely gift basket and gift cards and it was lovely. Did I mention the food? Meatballs, dude! And banana cream pie!


Transient Gadfly said...

the song you're referencing in the title is now officially driving me insane...nope, never mind, just got it. That's weird, the song on the tip of your brain is never a U2 song.

Lilita said...

Yes, well, once in awhile I have to go back to the classics, you know? And this just happens to be one of my favorite but largely unsung heroes of the U2 pantheon AND appropriate all at the same time. Ta Da!

Kenny, Linsey and Caleb said...

That's right, bring on the loot. Oh and just remember to write your thank you notes immediately because after the baby comes that will be the last thing you'll want to do. Even better, get the husband to write them since baby showers are for the baby - not the Mom - and thus you both benefit equally from the booty.

jen in new haven said...

I had to say that you threw me a very lovely baby shower way back when complete with wacky games that you made people play like having them suggest possible baby names and the wacky people invited of course suggested things like Michel Foucault and Derrida as a first name which was not wacky in the same way the "ooh and aah, what in the world is that item and how does it connect to my baby?" baby showers are but wacky in its own special way. reading your post reminded me of that day -- hope your various showers are fun and have good food!

Lilita said...

jen, why thank you! I remember that party, too. fun fun!

and Linsey, I know, I have to get right on the notes, though they did give me permission to write a group one for the husband's work, which was nice of them! And leaving them to the husband? not an option. his side never did get their wedding thank you notes--ack!