Monday, December 17, 2007

Baby seems we never agree

As I told my dad yesterday, blogging makes me somehow feel like I am accountable for the things I propose to do, so here's an update so far: I have finished the thank you notes and mailed the husband's family gifts (huzzah!). Today I also straightened the "great" room (it's too big to be a den, family room sounds odd, and its original name, the ballroom, only works when there is no furniture inside, so we are still struggling with a moniker) and folded laundry (it had reached critical mass long ago) and slept late (after seminary, that is--only one more day to go of getting up at 5:30 am!!!!). I also started the hospital bag, finding nursing appropriate pajamas, getting a new robe (my old one is sad and tattered and not a lovely color), and deciding which bag to take (a florescent green one, of course!).

So, progress. But now, exhaustion. I was as tired as I have ever been during this pregnancy this weekend, the result of letting myself help prepare food for 150 for 6 hours on Saturday. Just one of my tasks: peeling 70 pounds of potatoes. In short, I overdid it trying to get the Christmas in Nauvoo folks fed. I literally ended up collapsed on a couch at the end, inspiring some older man from the ward (the father of one of my seminary students) to spontaneously rub my feet (which were swollen into tree trunks), he felt so sorry for me. His wife, who was right there, was a little creeped out, I think, but I was too grateful and tired to be anything but thankful. I spent a sleepless night wondering how there were still more back muscles I had yet to discover that were now no longer working. I gave my acupuncturist a run for her money this morning when she tried to pull me back into shape!

A few steps forward, a few steps back. And we are in the final countdown. And it can't be soon enough for me!


joyful704 said...

ok, now we be a good time to start saying NO! u should not be peeling 70 lbs of potatoes!

Lilita said...

yes, I was very silly and should have just run away screaming when I figured out what was required, but guilt is a powerful thing! glad you're back in the blogosphere, joyful!