Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Po'o laie, po'o kamaha'o

Merry Christmas! Mele Kalikimaka! Happy Holidays!

Enough joyousness already! This morning the husband woke me up to cuddle briefly before going out to work a double, the second one this week (yes, he worked yesterday; yes, he will be working tomorrow; yes, it is not fair or fun at all). Whilst we chatted, he mentioned that maybe I might want to make some cookies and stop by the hospital today, which idea hadn't even occurred to me but which sounded like a plan, especially given that he and his fellow pharmacy crew are all stuck there working on Christmas Day.

So, much later, when I finally decided to wake up for real (my mornings are a bit surreal lately: I wake up when the husband goes in at 7am and then fall back asleep til 8:30 or so when I must get up and eat and then doze or read or fall back asleep again until 10-ish when I start to feel really lazy so I take a shower and run any errands that can't wait...and then lie around all the rest of the day on various surfaces being, you know, lazy), I decided to make cookies.

But what kind? Like any good Mormon girl/daughter of my mother, I have all sorts of dessert making ingredients at the ready, the better to be prepared for an impromptu potluck. For example, right now I probably have 15 cakes mixes in my cupboard, and I don't really like cake all that much. But cake mixes are infinitely versatile and easy, so I have to have them. Today, however, the mixes were not inspiring me.

Instead, I decided to make Kitchen Sink Christmas Cookies, which involve multiple ingredients (everything but the kitchen sink, get it?) and are quite festive. They have oatmeal, white chocolate chips, semi-sweet chocolate chips, dried cranberries, and (only in some, because of allergies) pecans. Indeed, they are dangerously close to having too many additives and not enough cookie matter, actually, but they have turned into quite good little treats and are cooling on wire racks as we speak. Like all my best cooking efforts, there was a sort of recipe involved, but I have modified it to such an extent that it's unrecognizable.

So that will be my holiday elf activity, boxing these up and taking them to the hospital. Later, I have a pity invite to a friend's house for Christmas dinner (because they found out I was all alone and people don't like to think of pregnant women alone. It upsets the order of the universe somehow!). In between, you ask? Finishing up Sports Night and lying down, of course! Oh, and reading: the husband got me a copy of the new Bill Bryson memoir for Christmas (we did gifts yesterday) and it is funny and nostalgic and good, just like all of his stuff.

So these really are happy holidays, aren't they? Now, if we could just get the baby to come on out to help us celebrate...

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