Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Can't you see that I am not afraid?

I know, by now you are tired of hearing about my love affair with acupuncture, but it actually keeps getting better. Today, I went to see Polly, and, after we had discussed what my doctor is planning on doing on Friday, i.e. stripping my membranes if I am dilated enough, she said, "well then, we are going to go for it!" and got me up on the table and began the acupuncture equivalent of inducing labor.

She stimulated points on my toes with needles and heat or moxa (which hurt like heck, by the way, though, as she pointed out, it wasn't supposed to be comfortable and neither is labor) that sent me into instant, VERY noticeable contractions. So hurrah for that! I could feel and even see them, a definite improvement over semi-confused belief in mythical, theoretical contractions. She also worked on my legs (more contractions) and hands (the baby went crazy with that one) and shoulders, some point connected to the gall bladder (which caused the biggest contractions of all).

I have gotta say, I was a believer before, but this evidence is really incontrovertible. Polly told me she had induced another woman last month who got down to contractions every five minutes, though they didn't last very long. With results like those, sign me up! I told the husband about the treatment, and his first reaction was "can she do it again this week, perhaps right before your doctor's appointment?!" which was, in fact, her plan as well.

This baby is trying his hardest to be as late as possible but we are not going to let that happen. And by we, I mean pretty much everyone with whom I come in contact, so it's the full court press!

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