Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Blame it on the rain

The experiment has been...umm...moderately unsuccessful, largely because I hate to hear Jacob cry. Yes, I am a wuss. I'll admit it. A hardcore Ferberizer I will never be.

Indeed, the last few nights he ended up spending most of the night quite content in (gasp!) our bed. He slept for longer periods than he has; his 4am waking time was shorter than it has been or happened at the nice time of 7am; and we didn't roll on top of him. And then yesterday he napped contentedly in his swing, in the car, and in the stroller. So there you go, the complete opposite of what I was planning to do and it worked.

Perhaps the most successful part of my fledgling experimenting has been the helpful advice it has engendered ala some moms of my acquaintance. It helps to hear war stories and to commiserate with those who have been/are in the trenches. Being a modern mom can be quite isolating, what with the lack of extended families close, the variable social networks, and the push to "be all that you can be" as a super mom, so it's gratifying to hear from others.

In the meantime, Jacob is turning into quite the little chubby one-month old. His cheeks have in fact taken over his face, completely eclipsing his chin and neck, but we knew that was only a matter of time. At least it leaves us with no doubts that he is feeding well! And, if he follows his mother's lead, I was such a Buddha of a baby that I had to go on a diet at a very young age. More pics as proof soon, but I am finding it difficult to take many pictures, what with holding him and being alone most of the day, so our photo-documentation is not as thorough as it might be. Fortunately, the in-laws are here this weekend, so we will have lots of hands on deck and therefore lots of digital evidence of our cute child to share soon!

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