Friday, March 14, 2008

I'll be watching you

Everyone's asleep in my house right now. The husband is sick, with some sort of sinus infection, cough, fever thing that I am hoping neither Jacob or I get. He stayed home and worked from here and visited the doctor, who gave him antibiotics and recommended vitamin C. He must be feeling terrible or else he would never have suggested going to the doctor of his own accord. The old doctor vs. pharmacist battle lines run deep!

Jacob is just napping in his swing. He may, may have a slight fever but he seems to be otherwise fine so I am not doping him up with baby Tylenol. It makes him sleep in a drunken sort of way that I have felt myself and feel funny about inflicting on my little baby. So, we wait and see.

The doctor recommended switching bottles (to Dr. Brown's brand) to help Jacob address his extreme gassiness/fussiness about eating. So, we will try and experiment for 3 days as she indicated and then, if that doesn't work, we will switch formulas to a soy-based product. If that doesn't work, well, she is out of ideas. Not so helpful but we'll deal with that when we get there. Something must be done if Jacob is ever going to have any hope of eating enough and/or getting a restful night's sleep. So, we do what we do.

Clearly, we made it through the shot PTSD, but it was rough for a while there. He may not remember the shots, but he woke up from every nap and throughout the night crying instantly, something he rarely does, so he was remembering something extremely unpleasant. And we get to go through the whole ordeal all over again at the next appointment. Honestly!

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aly said...

Lil I love reading your blogs! They crack me up.. and your baby boy is adorable!I just made my blog thing, my sister has been bugging me forever to make one! Anyway I hope I'll get to see you kids when you come out to Utah soon!