Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Suddenly I see

Confusion: this baby of mine is confusing me. These last two weeks or so, he has been eating erratically. As in, eating very little. I mean, he's nursing but there isn't a lot going on milkwise there, so then he takes a bottle. But it's like pulling teeth get him to eat more than an ounce, maybe an ounce and a half of the bottle. And I can't imagine that he's getting that much from nursing. And we have a doctor's appointment tomorrow but what will that tell me? Because he has gained lots of weight since his last appointment, but this behavior has only been going on for two weeks or so. So, are the weight estimates that precise? Can they tell if he's gaining NOW as opposed to before? Hmmmm, I doubt it.

And today it's even odder: he ate 3 ounces plus nursing at 10-ish, then at 1pm nursed but really played and ate just one ounce of formula and then...stopped. And then went to sleep at 2:30pm. Which is much too long for him to have gone without eating much at all. So, odd. Because, otherwise, he seems fine. No fever, not cranky (or no crankier than usual for this week: can I just say, as an aside, that Daylight Savings is HORRIBLE if you have babies? Yeah, never even thought about it before but those hard won schedules are thrown off by the time change, more than one would think for just springing forward one hour. Jacob has been confused all week.), no other indications of sickness. So, we shall see. And I will add this to my already long list of questions for the doctor. She is really going to think I am insane tomorrow. An insane mom and a very unhappy baby (he will be getting his shots): what a great combination! I do not envy her job.

As another aside, much as the husband hates it (and he does), having the baby sleep with us makes nighttime nursing SOO easy. I can sleep while Jacob nurses to his heart's content (which, as I mentioned, does not mean he is really getting all that much, but it makes him feel better and keeps him occupied), and I only have to get up a few times a night to make bottles. Yes, we are planning on having the baby sleep in his own bed very soon, but I have set 3 months as the earliest point at which I will even consider Ferberizing (or some variation thereon). In the meantime, cosleeping is working very well for us in most respects. Though I do wish we had a bigger bed sometimes....


bg said...

Hi! I am Jeff Gritton's mom. Even though you don't know me, I am thoroughly enjoying your blog. Jeff told me about it, and I think you write very entertaining commentary on your experiences as a new mother. It reminds me of thirty years ago when I had infants in the house. If there's one thing I learned, it is that babies will eat when they're hungry, and that appetite seems to cycle accordingly. So don't worry. You're doing just fine. Say hi to Matt.

Lilita said...

Hi there! Thanks for reading and thanks for the perspective--goodness knows I need it! The doctor said much the same thing, so I'll just wait have to wait it out. And I will surely blog about the outcome; blogging is addictive like that!