Tuesday, May 13, 2008

The girl is mine

Well, shiver me timbers! I'm new to this whole mommy blogging thing and also a bit slow on the uptake at times (see last post), so I only just found out that Dooce is a (former) Mormon. Famous money-making long-term snarky mother blogger recently interviewed on the Today show (a sad interview, really, because of Kathy Lee Gifford's sactimonious lack of irony about over-sharing about you children) is a (former) Latter-day Saint. More interestingly to me today, ABC's article on Heather Armstrong (aka Dooce) reveals that the church is advertising on her blog. Hmm, that's a bit hipper of a move than I would have expected from the PR department in SLC, but what do I know? Not much, as this post reveals. I'm behind the curve in so many ways, it seems.

Well. Shoot.

I have dealt and moved on, so here's a couple of links to web stuff I've found recently that held my attention for longer than the obligatory three second glance (some people do this every week, but I don't want to institutionalize my web addition in this way, so this will just be an irregular and brief feature of my blogging):

Have you heard This American Life's show on the causes behind the mortgage crisis? Muy illuminating, people!

Have you checked out If you're a TV aficionado like me and you are currently without a subscription to cable like me, this is the place for you. Current and classic TV shows, streamed with minimal ads to your computer, though for now the offerings are mostly from FOX and NBC stations and random others (like SciFi--go there for current eps of season 4 of Battlestar Galactica!) and some shows don't have all their episodes available at all times or at all (Top Chef, you baffle me). But lots do, particularly older shows (like Buffy, for one). Plus, the name "hulu" reminds me of Star Trek, so that's always nice.

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