Monday, May 05, 2008

Like a record, baby

Well, it's finally happened: Jacob rolled over. He's been getting close for a week or so now, especially at night when he's falling asleep. He was rolling very far onto his side, and I suspected it would be soon that he would make it over but wondered what he would do when he got there.

Today he didn't nap in the morning, so when he had his midmorning bottle and almost fell asleep drinking it, I decided to put him down for a nap in his room, which is much darker than everywhere else, even though we don't use the pack and play during the day, normally. But he was so sleepy, I didn't think he would notice. So in he went and slept soundly for 45 minutes or so.

Then I started hearing an odd, repetitive "eh" noise, and I wondered what he was doing, so I went into the other room to check the video monitor and there he was, fully awake in a push-up position, looking worriedly in the direction of the monitor (there's a little green light on the non-video monitor that I think attracts him). I went in and got him and then put him down on his tummy with some toys in the living room, hoping that he would learn to put his head down while I was watching so I could feel more secure about putting him to sleep on his own. Previously, when we have put him on his stomach, he often face plants when he gets tired and doesn't seem to notice he is cutting off his air supply. He did put his fingers in his mouth and rest his head briefly, but mainly he just stayed up, getting more and more frustrated and more and more out of sorts until I rescued him, gave him something to eat (early, but he had worked up an appetite, apparently), and put him to sleep in his swing again, where he fell into an exhausted stupor lasting well into the afternoon.

So, just when he had slept for a full (blissful) 7 hour stretch last night, the longest in his life, he will now apparently be challenging his own sleep training, our resolve, and his developing motor/survival skills for the next little while as he learns to sleep on his tummy and/or turn himself back over. Sigh.

But hurrah for Jacob!

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