Wednesday, May 14, 2008

On such a winter's day

We returned to the doctor's office for Jacob's four month visit, which necessitated another round of shots. Given his PTSD-like crying last time, the doctor recommended giving him baby tylenol as soon as we got home and keeping it up throughout the day since these shots were boosters of the last round. Once again, Jacob cried until he was red-faced and then he went white from exertion, a new color for him. So, once again, it was traumatic for both of us. At least this time they let me hold him. Well, actually, I didn't really give them much of an option, just picking him up and cradling him as soon as the nurse came in with the shots. My friend ege told me there has been some research to indicate that holding a child lessens the impact, both physical and mental, of receiving shots.

Besides the traumatic shots, the rest of the visit went well. We talked about his eating habits (how he eats so frequently at night even though he really should be sleeping for longer chunks), our ridiculous trip to the ER, his sensitive skin and whether or not he has a new freckle (not freckles, one freckle, singular--how did she even notice? Freaky!), and how well he can hold up his head. She says he can hold his head up enough that if he flips over in his sleep, he'll be fine, but I'm still concerned because of his tendency to hold his head up until he gets tired...and then...face plant. Not confidence inspiring. So we're keeping him in sleep sacks a while longer. The doctor also wants us to start solids in a four or five weeks, soupy rice cereal at night, though she wanted to assure me that feeding him cereal was not a sleep through the night cure all. I had already decided I was going to wait a while for solid foods for practical reasons. Making bottles is complicated enough for me, and he will be just fine if we hold off on solids for a while. Plus, my doc agrees, which is nice.

So, today Jacob is having the post-shot Tylenol-induced stupor-like naps and whimpering pathetically whenever he's awake. They will never convince me that babies don't understand exactly what has happened to them on these horrible immunization days.

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