Saturday, May 17, 2008

When I'm faced with the knowledge

So, I've logged in and updated my Facebook page, at long last. Only because I was forced to in order to see my new niece's pictures. You see, I'm pretty plugged in already and was resisting getting involved in any more virtual activities if I could help it, but here I am, logged in and befriended by three whole people already. If I cared more and were more like my students, I would start to feel inadequate right about now and begin to madly post on peoples' walls, poke wildly, and generally show some cyber-panic. But no, I am fine, though I couldn't resist doing a quick search for my high school graduating class and my mission location. But then I walked away and place in cyberspace. You see what I mean??

I also have (long abandoned) Myspace and Friendster pages and I have to say, I'm just not that into these virtual contact sheets. Something about them is off-putting to me, though I haven't tried to articulate exactly what turns me off until right this moment. Surely it can't be the "there is too much info about me out there already" fear because, hello, I have a blog that I am not only not hiding, I put the url in my Christmas letter, for crying out loud. So that can't be it. Is it the "stranger danger" element? Well, I am not a 14 year old girl and don't cavort with random folks, so that doesn't seem to apply either. What about the time wastingness of it all? Again, POT (as in pot calling the kettle black--we have long since shortened this phrase in my family) because note all the time I am (hopefully not entirely) wasting here. Though I must say I have some friends whose Myspace pages are better decorated and maintained than their houses, which seems odd to me. And it's not the curmudgeon factor either, because, while I'm not an early adopter like my husband, I am still an enthusiastic fan of the Internets and its accouterments.

So what is it? Hmmm...riddle me this. I shall think on it and get back to...myself...some time. Move along, nothing to see here, people! More/better stories later, promise.

Wow, that was such an (un)informative post. Sorry. Move along, nothing to see here, people! More stories tomorrow.

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