Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Spending all you got

Last night I went to a grocery savings workshop put on by our church (and taught by a lurker on this blog...Hi K!). Some of the tips I was already doing, some I needed some extra motivation to start trying, and some were new and the handouts contained lots of additional information, so it was time well spent (I even won a prize!). Since the husband has informed me that as of the end of August, when my teaching contract will run out, I will no longer be bringing in $X0,000 a year, he (only somewhat jokingly) expects me to save $X0,000 instead. So it appears that clipping coupons is the first step, since that's not something I do now. Shop sales, check. Shop at places that match other folk's sales, check. Subscribe to the Sunday paper, check people's recycle bins for coupon inserts, print out coupons online, no, no, and no.

As my tiny band of loyal readers know, I am now buying local, at least in terms of produce as of next week, so I can balance my economizing with my politicking. I'm also making much more use of items from the church cannery, which could result in some big potential savings if I plan well. Indeed, planning well seems to be half the battle for me. I remember my mother planning her biweekly grocery runs with sale pages and notepaper in hand, making one big loop to get the best prices on everything (essential in Hawaii) and then planning her monthly menus for 8 plus assorted and inevitable guests accordingly, so I know how to plan better, I just don't. Having an extra income and living in cheap apartments has always allowed us the luxury of not having to generate or stick to menus, but those days are quickly passing us by. Getting a house, having a child, and losing an income all start to make budgeting/planning look a lot more attractive!

And then there's my big weakness, shopping. I'm just so very good at shopping, you see! I hate to lose skills! I have sort of transferred my clothes addiction to an addiction to all things baby, but that's not really going to cut it. And becoming more skillful with the grocery deals will pose some sort of challenge that will help with the shopping jones, but I see the days of window shopping drifting away. Altogether now, sigh......

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