Friday, May 23, 2008

Tenderness like before

Jacob has filled out recently, in more ways than the expected. Yes, he's gotten chubby, with, as the husband calls them, man boobs and a trucker gut. And his cheeks have gotten more and more round. He looks like a little boy now instead of a baby. Already!!

In addition, he's developing quite the personality. He has distinct likes and dislikes. Likes: shadows on the walls, especially those that move in the wind, ceiling fans, kicking (particularly in the swing or on the changing table), mommy singing "Do Your Ears Hang Low," My Pigeon House," and "The Wheels on the Bus," daddy singing anything (yesterday the husband was practicing "In Flander's Field" and cracking Jacob up--like I said, ANYTHING his daddy sings is magic), getting and giving kisses (his are enthusiastic, open-mouthed affairs), wind, the front porch, and mornings. Dislikes: baths that last longer than about four minutes, talking too long on Skype, mommy taking too long on the computer, bedtime, being hot, his car seat, and sleeping past 5:30 am.

He has started babbling and vocalizing all the time. He hums to himself as he goes to sleep, he talks while you change his diaper, he babbles in the morning when he first wakes up, and he tries to sing along with you.

Jacob has also finally figured that the bottle is where he gets his food, so now he watches you intently as you make a bottle, following it with his eyes until you put it in his mouth, and getting very cranky if you don't get it to him fast enough. In addition, he is getting more and more interested in big people food. Yesterday, for instance, he couldn't get enough of watching my turkey sub. Sadly for him, his mommy is lazy and he won't be getting cereal for a while yet and no other solids until after his six month appointment.

The cliche is "they grow up so fast," and they do, but the newer, older, more mature baby Jacob is much more entertaining, so I'm glad the changes are coming so rapidly.

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