Monday, June 02, 2008

Everybody have fun tonight

My mother is coming to visit for a week today, and the first of my summer classes begins on Tuesday, so I may have to dial the blog posting down a bit for a while as I adjust to the new schedule. My syllabus is almost done (just in time!), and I've even decided to include a class blog instead of having to email the class all the time as I usually end up doing when I've forgotten assignment sheets and handouts and the like. So the blog for class will be a clearinghouse for course information, but I'm also going to make the students use the commenting feature and respond to prompts in between classes so our face-to-face time will be more productive AND those who are a bit shy will be able to make more thoughtful or considered comments than they otherwise might in class. In theory.

However, in a class which only has 11 students as of the last time I checked, everyone will have to talk during our daily two hour meetings, so really the blog is an excuse for me to get them writing every day, even when we don't have a formal assignment due (because why else would they write? Certainly not to practice since they're in a composition class! DUH!).

In the meantime, here are some upcoming bloggable events to look out for: our first batch of CSA veggies comes Tuesday; class will undoubtedly provide blog fodder; we have another fun church pool party coming up; and there's always Jacob escapades to share!

Stay tuned!

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Caroline said...

Hey Lil. Blogging for class is an excellent idea! I've been teaching a comp course around women's autobiographies, and I have them each create a blog, which they then link to our class blog. It's cool b/c they get really into posting and commenting on each other's work. Let me know how your blog goes... my suspicion is that it will be a success. PS - I am going to Stephanie Klein's book signing tonight.