Saturday, June 07, 2008

Master of the house

New photos in the gallery, for those interested!

Our adventures in community supported agriculture cookery continue apace. We did indeed make whole wheat pasta and served it with sauteed sweet peppers, onions, kale, and basil, and it turns out I like kale, even better than its sister spinach. Good to know. The pasta was yummy, and the recipe (more method, really, since the recipe we consulted called for four cloves of garlic and feta, which we omitted entirely) simple, so we will be having it again and again as more kale arrives. The husband suggested adding sun-dried tomatoes to the dish, which would make it even tastier, so we'll most likely try that next.

We also made squash casserole out of our three kinds of summer squash: patty pan, zucchini, and "crookneck" (yellow). The husband was so impressed we had made a casserole he took a picture (a casserole making girl I am not). And the recipe couldn't be simpler: cut squash (about 7 cups or all we had) into thick slices and boil for 5-10 minutes with one chopped onion. In the meantime, combine one cup of sour cream, a can of cream of mushroom soup (so a little dairy but not enough to be horrible for me, given all the squash), and grated carrot (as much as you want) in a bowl. Add a little melted butter to a bag of seasoned stuffing mix and spread half on the bottom of a 9x13 pan. Drain squash well and fold into sour cream mixture, then spread evenly over the stuffing and top with the other half of the bag of stuffing. Bake until heated through. Eat. A lot. So good!

We have potatoes, corn, and an onion left to use for dinner on Sunday, and our next box of veggies arrives on Tuesday, so we are doing well. Can't wait to see what we come up with next week!

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