Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Out of the sun

Our next batch of veggies arrived! This time the bounty included more corn, cucumbers, potatoes, beets, daikon radishes, crookneck squash, and a zucchini a big as my forearm. In addition, we got a green pepper, jalapenos, eggplant, heirloom red tomatoes, and yellow cherry tomatoes. Quite a haul!

I think we'll make beets and sweets again, though I did find several intriguing recipes for chocolate cakes involving grated or pureed beets that I want to try. The husband likes the radishes raw, which is fine with me because they're not my favorite and all I could find to do to them was a quick pickling, which didn't seem like it would make them any better for me. We had corn on the cob with our bubba burgers last night, which made us feel all sorts of southern. And tomorrow I am going to make panzanella or bread salad using the pepper, a cucumber, and the yellow tomatoes and a few other yummy ingredients (recipe to follow when I'm done).

The real challenge this week will be the eggplant, which I've only ever had once that I really liked the way it was prepared and that was in Philadelphia at one of our favorite Italian restaurants, and I can't just hop over there and check it out. I've also given up most really hot foods since my mission, so I need to come up with a way to tame the jalapenos and make them palatable for me. I'm thinking some kind of mango salsa using more tomatoes and onion, served over chicken perhaps...? I've also got a hankering for German potato salad since the we have a bunch of thick-cut bacon leftover from that we used to top our burgers last night and those potatoes are just itching to be made into something cool in this heat.

Mmmm, the possibilities are multiplying. Stay tuned for the tales of our culinary experiments this week!

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mtg said...

my argument, because it's you and we've met, is this:

super thin slice that eggplant, salt it, press it between paper towels for half an hour or so, then bake it with a little bit of oil so it makes chips. and then dip those chips in hummus.

also jalapenos are often not hot at all, especially once you scrape out the seeds, but alas the only way to tell is to cut it open and taste it. i usually feed a teeny tiny barely visable piece to TG to see. either it tastes like a green paper or blows his head off. VERY tricky peppers.