Sunday, July 20, 2008

Talking it over

As a new parent, I have a hard time distinguishing between singular events that mark the beginning of trends and singular events that really are just one time occurrences. So I often find myself thinking things like "well, he sat up unassisted. Does this mean we can now look forward to many hours of unassisted sitting?" Answer: yes, yes indeed. But then..."well, he slept seven hours. Does this mean we can now look forward to many hours of sleeping at one stretch?!" Answer: decidedly not. But how can one tell??

Case in point: we started J on solid food this week (for real, after some abortive attempts in UT). And when I say "started," I mean "we gave him rice cereal which he inhaled neatly and efficiently in greater and greater quantities." So, I'm thinking, "well, he likes to eat. Does this mean he's a good eater?" Answer: not so much the last two days, wherein he eschewed all cereal at any time in any quantity, writhing and screaming in his high chair until released and/or given a bottle. So when does eating or liking to eat or not liking to eat become the harbinger of itself? I can't know, it seems, which is distressing but not, after all this time, unexpected.

In other news, six month old J has lost the little excess furry hair behind his ears, so that's a relief. He's also started to verbalize A LOT and contort his mouth in funny ways as he learns to use the muscles in his face. He's not much into mimicry yet but remains fascinated when you respond to his "talking" with similar-sounding chatter, so I'm sure it's not far off. He has become a champion sitter with only occasional toppling over, mostly when he's tired. And he continues to charm the socks of anyone around him with his million dollar smile (which I can't wait for him to learn to use for his own ends--watch out!). Check out the new pics in the gallery under 6 months to the present--someone should pay me for those shots!

As for me, I'm hoping to discover a "sleep through the night" trend soon, and I'm glad my class will only last for two more weeks. Hallelujah!

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