Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Fields forever

We went blueberry picking yesterday, we meaning J and I and two of my friends and their five little girls. J was soo outnumbered. But he was a trooper and stayed in a good mood for 45 minutes or so, long enough for me to get a huge half bucket of berries. I wasn't as efficient a picker as I could have been what with moving him in and out of the shade and holding him at one point when he got hopelessly bored. But we got a lot of big berries that are now waiting patiently in our freezer along with our strawberries I picked in the spring, ready for various and sundry uses. The husband put them in his cereal this morning and will be making a blueberry shake with them tonight, and I am planning on making blueberry pancakes and muffins over the weekend, so we've got lots of ideas already. I'm so freaking domestic...when it comes to cooking and ONLY cooking! So stay tuned for these and other berry-licious adventures!

These blueberries aren't a total substitute for our missing vegetable deliveries, but they'll do for now. I also figured out where some new (to me) farmers' markets are while we were driving out to the patch? Whatever! So I'll hopefully be able to satisfy our veggie jones for the next little while.

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