Monday, September 15, 2008

Like paper dolls

This is how it was:

The sinus infection was untouched by the antibiotic and was joined by an ear infection.

The baby has had a fever of 101 for almost 48 hours.

He hasn't slept for longer than an hour for every five of those.

Therefore, neither have I.

We both have red, bloodshot eyes.

When he has slept, it's been on or right beside me, heat emanating from his little body.

Otherwise, he wants to be held upright all the time. All. The. Time.

He's forgotten how to sleep, babble, gurgle, or laugh.

All he does right now is loll lethargically and whine pitifully.

The new antibiotic that's really going to work this time (or so they say) cost $70.

Over and out. Literally!! You name it, I'm out of it: time, energy, patience, ideas....sigh.

Thankfully, this is how it is now:

New incredibly expensive antibiotic is a miracle worker! The husband came home last night and made dinner and helped run interference with J. Then the baby slept last night, and so did I, and what a difference a few consecutive hours of sleep make. Hallelujah! Things are a lot less bleak, my friends, and how happy am I?!

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Kenny and Linsey said...

Glad he is on the mend. Sick kids are always, always hard. It helps when they can tell you where it hurts, but not much.