Monday, October 06, 2008

All through the town

OY and VEY!!!

I thought I had adjusted fairly well to motherhood, finally. I was feeling more rested, more secure, less frazzled, less crazed....And then J began crawling. And then he really got in the groove. And I spent most of today running after him or running ahead of him, pulling cords out of his mouth, rescuing the husband's guitar from enthusiastic but certain destruction, sticking outlet covers on outlets he found by the minute, extricating him from underneath chairs and between the sofa and the wall, finding new places for trash cans he dumped onto the floor, comforting him after he pulled himself up on unstable furniture and inevitably fell down, sweeping up dead bugs he uncovered in the most unexpected places....And I had a vision of my life for the next foreseeable future and realized how very, very busy I'm going to be just keeping him from killing himself.

The upside is he apparently understands the word "no" or at least the tone of voice in which I said no when he was eating the computer cord or when he had a wrapper halfway down his throat. And he always responds to his name, or at least he did when I would walk into the room where I had just left him and he would have disappeared, only to reappear with a grin from behind or under something when I called for him. He's very cute when he crawls happily along and is in a very good mood about it, even as I am taking things away from him every 30 seconds.


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Scott said...

oh the joys!!! i don't think childproofing is even possible!