Saturday, October 11, 2008

Contigo cada instancia, cada cosa

So, quietly, while you all weren't looking, I've begun adding labels to my posts (there they are, in yellow, right down at the bottom of each entry. You can go look if you like, I'll wait). Now, most people use helpful labels that are subject oriented, like "religion" or "sports" or "vacations" to help people find something else the author may have written on the subject at hand. My labels, on the other hand, are a bit more...opaque than that. Of course. So, I've decided to explain a few of the more obscure labels, just in case you're interested. Or not. Whatever!

Experiencia religiosa refers to all things religious, which currently includes posts about seminary. In the Bloggernacle (a play on words that will mean nothing unless you're a Mormon and then should only elicit groans), they make a distinction between blogs about Mormonism and blogs by those who happen to be Mormon. I clearly fall into the latter category most of the time. Except occasionally, as indicated by this label.

Bad mommy covers those posts in which I discuss those things that I do as a parent that I'm pretty sure aren't going to win me any parenting awards or be written up as inspirational moments in parenting magazines. There are a LOT of these kinds of posts.

Good mommy? includes those moments when I think I may have done something right. There are a lot fewer of these.

Pop up video posts are those in which I revisit this blog's roots and discuss television, movies, the entertainment world, and pop culture.

Mistress of the house entries address all things domestic that don't necessarily have anything to do with parenting, such as my (halting) attempts at craft projects or the vagaries of home ownership.

Travails are not to be confused with frustrations though sometimes the two do overlap. Travails are mostly parenting oriented, while frustrations refer to those moments in life in which I want to, say, throw someone, often someone in customer service, through a wall. Or a window. I'm not picky.

Excursions, milestones, lists, pics, news and notes, and recipes are all pretty self-explanatory. Veggie tales is less so. Those posts will focus on our community supported agriculture and related experiences.

Finally, bloggety blog refers to (meta)posts specifically about blogging, because some days it seems like a brave new world that must be discussed (while on others, not so much).

I haven't finished labeling all my archives yet, but I'm almost there, so soon all my past posts will come up should you feel inclined to click on any particular label. Does all this matter? Probably not, but hey, frankly, is this blog not frivolous to its core??

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