Friday, October 24, 2008

The monster mash

Happy Halloween!! Okay, I know it's a week early, but we had our annual church Halloween celebration, Trunk or Treat, tonight, so we got all dressed up and this may be as many festivities as we get this year. So there!

Baby J was a clown, with a cute little hat with a pompom which, when put on his head, accentuated the roundness which his hair usually hides, so he looked like a cute bowling ball headed clown. We got some pics and then our memory card died, so we're not sure they will come out ("fatal error" is never a good message to read) so I had a friend there take some emergency replacement shots on his camera, which he will hopefully email to us soon. But J was cute, trust me. That's the important message here!

To go along with the clown, I was a ring master (red blazer, boots, whip) and the husband was a strong man (tights under shorts, crumpled magazine muscles). We had to keep explaining our costumes, which we thought we might avoid this year, though we are no strangers such explanations (I mean, no one guessed we were Pierre and Marie Curie that one year, despite the "radioactive" glow-in-the-dark substance all over us and the Victorian clothing, and dressing as Winston Churchill and Margaret Thatcher in their primes also required us to clue people in often. What can I say? We like the high concept!). A monsoon moved in today, so instead of trick or treating to our trunks, we decorated rooms in the church, and the kids walked around a gazillion times until we all ran out of candy. Baby J liked the little lanterns we had gotten to give our room/trunk some atmosphere, so he lasted a long while until suddenly running out of steam and needing to go home RIGHTNOW!

All in all, it was a fun night, though we didn't get to chat with as many of our friends as we normally do since everyone was running around after kids hopped up on excitement, balloon animals, and the anticipation of loads of candy. We did have one unfortunate incident: one of the seminary boys "pantsed" the husband. It really was a sucker punch since he was holding baby J at the time and couldn't grab his shorts to minimize the damage. So now we have to have a talk with the boys to reestablish boundaries: we like you and we're friendly with you, but we are NOT your friends. You owe us the same (or more) respect you give the other adults in your life. Ahh, teenagers and their complete lack of thought!


Jess and Heather said...

you guys have some creative costumes! Jess and I have no clue what to be this year..and it's sort of difficult when I'm a big round globe..maybe I'll just be a globe..or a giant pumpkin! haha

Anonymous said...

I remember good old Margaret and Winston. I believe that was at our Halloween party. cjs