Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Just you wait

Keeping it real on the home front, today we did all kinds of scintillating activities: we talked to Grandeur; we went to Walmart (picture frame, night light, noise machine, freezer jam pectin, memory card, etc.); we played toys; we sat outside reading the mail; we picked up our CSA veggies (more on those later); we thought about cleaning in preparation for guests; we waited for Daddy. You'd think there would be nothing more to say about these mundane incidents, but you would be oh so WRONG! Let's take them one by one, shall we?

Talking to Grandeur and Grandma Beth are two of Baby J's favorite activities. As soon as he hears the dialing noise on Skype, his face lights up and he starts trundling over from wherever he is in the room to clamber up my lap. His enthusiasm wanes throughout extended conversations, but anytime one of them starts singing or call him by name, he's back to lapping it up. Can you be spoiled virtually??

Walmart is the mother of all evils, yes yes yes, I know. My politics say no, but my pocketbook says yes. And I know that's hypocritical and contributory negligence and all that but, well, I live on a very small island and to get anywhere, really, takes ooodles of gas, a big expense even with falling prices, while Walmart is literally within walking distance of my house. In a sense, it IS my neighborhood store. I know, a sad state of affairs, but true!

Playing toys with J actually involves you being near him while he plays. If you build a block tower, for instance, he will instantly knock it down, or if you roll a car, he will go get it to roll himself. He wants an audience more than anything, so it's really not a lot of commitment on your part at times!

It got very cold here last night and today (in the 50s...brrrrrr!), but the sun was out and our driveway was nice and toasty so we sat out for a while after we got the mail. J wasn't sure what to make of all the dead leaves and living grass but he helpfully resisted putting it all in his mouth for a good five minutes, a record!

Once again, I am very far behind in talking about our weekly veggie tales, but let me just say that today we got eggplants, among other things, and I was pleasantly surprised because I had been planning on pizza for dinner and grilled eggplants are great on pizzas, as we discovered during the summer. Look how far I've come!

Our poor guest will be lucky if they get clean sheets, at this point. Sorry guys!

And all we do all day long, really, is wait for the husband to come home. J has become a daddy's boy and can think of nothing more fun than being held by the husband and getting to play with his work ID, which is conveniently attached to his collar by a stretchy cord that holds endless fascination for Baby J. Tonight they're on their own, as I have a church meeting, and they won't miss me a bit. Huzzah!

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Becca said...

I ma so disappointed that you wouldn't let your husband play with mine. They always have such fun playing together. More importantly though tell the seminary boys there will be no rock band and the party. Matt T. has decided to make it a classier party, also I have your bottle top Dawn thought it was mine, but it wasn't.