Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Sweetly singing all the day

I have been slacking. So many J milestones have been reached lately and I have barely even noted them in his baby book, let alone extolled them here. I repent:

Sleeping: J has now slept through the night by himself without a middle of the night feeding twice in a row. We are keeping our fingers crossed! The first time was an accident: he'd had a really bad, no nap day, so by the time the husband got here, we were both exhausted. I went to bed pretty quickly and slept like the dead. I woke up at 2 am and realized the baby monitor was off and for some reason, in my stupor, I left it off. At 5:00 I got up and turned it on (I was more conscious then) in a fit of guilt. At 5:30 am he cried out a few times, I got dressed (bible study at 6:30) and by the time I made it to his room, he was asleep again. And not a peep until 7:15 am, the longest he has ever slept in his life. So last night we repeated the process of leaving the monitor off, though this time I woke up every hour or so just to listen for him, and he made it til 6:30 am without complaint...or at least without complaint that we heard. Which is as good as the same thing. We had been in the middle of night weaning as it was, with strange results: him rejecting food at all until 4 or 5 am, which led me to believe he might just wean himself, which he did, apparently. In addition, he's a pretty good napper now who still takes three naps a day, though these last days of lots of night sleeping have changed his daytime sleeping a bit. I think we may be moving toward two naps, but we shall see. The late day naps are short, just to get him (and me) through the afternoon. Look at me, sounding all calm about J's sleeping! Could this be the same Mommy as before???

Teething: J's third tooth came in today, meaning the last two nights are even more remarkable. This one's on the top, making him, in my mom's words, dangerous. He already uses his two bottom teeth to do serious damage to a banana, taking chunks as big as his head if you let him (he doesn't want to eat little pieces of banana, no no no, he wants to eat like the big people). I shudder to think about how much he'll be able to hack off now!

Crawling: J took his first little crawling steps two days ago and is getting more sure of himself with each day. He had to fight against his general laziness to get this far and still doesn't want to practice or exert himself too much. He'll go six or seven steps and then give up until you come to him or give him what you want. He knows I'm weak. But we are well on our way to a hyper mobile child, so the childproofing must be done in earnest now. Those cords and outlets are just too tempting. And today he almost knocked over the guitar, which would have made the husband very sad. A total house reorganization is in order. It was in order months ago, but well, you know, we're slow.

Growing: Our nine month appointment is coming up, so we'll get the official stats then, but last time we checked (a few weeks ago when we went in to get the right antibiotics), J was in the 75th percentile for height and...well...he IS the 100th percentile in weight. He's off the charts! He fits comfortably into 12 month clothes and even some 18 month outfits if they've shrunk just a touch. And he really isn't that great of an eater. He drinks minimal bottles and eats only that which can be mixed successfully with sweet potatoes or cottage cheese, so you wouldn't think we would be this chubby but there he is! And it's cute, cute, CUTE!

I think that about covers the new news. Whew, I'm caught back up. And so are you!

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