Thursday, October 09, 2008

You take the good, you take the bad

So, more TV season updates (I have seen only two of these shows in real time, by the way. The rest have been viewed on Hulu or the network websites):

The Office: I know, can you believe it, I actually watched an episode of this show, despite my inability to deal with the constant embarrassment on which the show is based! I'll admit it, I was pulled in by the cliffhanger Jim and Pam story line. I had to know what happened! But now that (spoiler alert!) they're engaged, I don't have to watch it ever again. Because doing so was VERY uncomfortable for me. Very.

Grey's Anatomy: I've already deconstructed the season premiere with ege, the only one reading here who probably cares at all, but I have to say, I'm not in love with any of the characters except for Lexi and Dr. Bailey. Otherwise, the whining stories continue, McDreamy continues to lean, the characters get less and less sympathetic with each passing season, and yet I'm still watching. It's a sickness. I am disappointed with the "I kissed a girl" story, however. How very unlikely that it was both of their first times "experimenting." Could we at least try some verisimilitude at way-too-fictional Seattle Grace? Though the "we've slipped in the rankings from #2 to #12" gimmick could be promising. We shall see....

Survivor: Why does one of the "Americans" in Gabon have a European accent? Why are so many of the contestants so ridiculously attractive? Why do they think we like the fact that they strand them in their street clothes so we can see these same outfits get dirtier and dirtier and used in more and more creative ways and, this season, shared amongst the contestants. I saw one pair of boxer briefs on no less than three different people, two girls and one guy. Ewwww!! Why can't they just repeat some challenges instead of creating ever more complicated get-ups even Probst ("Emmy-winning" reality host, though this is a joke of a category) can't keep straight all the time? Why do they include two senior citizens every time to be sacrificed at tribal council early on? Why are there so many questions about a show that involves so little of one's brain?

Life: There is only one question here: Why are you not watching this show? The writers' strike debacle saved it for another season, and it's worth your time, I promise. I would not lead you astray. It's witty and unexpected and consistently well written and good and funny and engaging and airs on Friday nights but is also available on Hulu. Watch it. NOW.

Heroes: They promised that season 3 would make us forget about disappointing season 2. I had already forgotten and long since stopped caring, and I was not alone, apparently, since this season began with a Heroes "event" which was essentially a clips episode to catch us all up. During the premiere that followed, the husband said he felt like no one had ever said, "umm, I think we need another take." He was right: the acting was wooden and the plotting uneven. By the third episode, things had settled down a bit, but I'm still worried we have another big puff of smoke on our hands: it looks significant and turns out to be nothing in the end.

Private Practice: It's funny that this show, which tries to be so "adult," is actually one of the most sophomoric selections out there. Kate Walsh is still beautiful and redheaded and all the other players are the same familiar bunch you've seen many places before, but the show struggles and takes itself too seriously, with disastrous results

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Betsy said...

Now i'm reading all the past "pop up video" posts as well. Maybe I should give Life a try. Since most prison stuff is too hard core for innocent me, I discounted it right off. How hard core is it??? A guy in my MPP program at BYU LOVED this show and always talked about it. Also, Private Practice has always been dumb and I can't believe you watch it. I am hoping that my sticking with Heroes pays off, but I can't really blame you for giving up on it.