Saturday, November 01, 2008

Looking for the warmth of the sun

Happy Blogoversary to me! Happy Blogoversary to me! Happy Blogoversary to me-eeeeee! Happy Blogoversary to me!

Yes, it's true, today I have been writing a blog for two years. I cannot believe it, truly. The date snuck up on me and I would have forgotten entirely, had not Teena from Toronto, a random woman I do not know, wished me a happy blogoversary. The wonders of cyberspace, my friends!

I could use this time to wax poetic or meta and comment on blogging generally and this blog in particular....but it's been a long day. We've had company, friends in from Alabama, and we started the day with Souper Saturday, a craft day at church for which I made an ENORMOUS batch of pumpkin soup (first time, made it up, FABULOUS, recipe to follow later) and at which I made a crayon caddy and a "clippy frame." Explanations and pics on both to come. Our female friend went with me while our husbands watched our two babies (both of whom resisted napping heroically and largely successfully). That lasted all morning.

Then we came home and tried some more napping (them, not us) to little avail, after which we went to a local eatery to watch the Florida/Georgia game with some Pharmacy phamily phriends (ooh, hilarious!) on the patio. Or that was the plan, until Baby J fell asleep on the way there (finally), so I dropped the husband off and went to get gas and scour some recycling bins (triple coupons next weekend!) in an effort to preserve a longer nap for the baby. An hour later, we joined the rest of the crew and stayed until half-time, by which point both babies were tired and/or hungry.

After that, we went downtown to the Battery and Rainbow Row to enjoy the twilight and some Ben and Jerry's (I had free hot praline samples instead) and then got home just in time to put cranky babes to bath and bed.

In short, I'm bushed! So more details and more celebrating later. For now, I hear my cranky baby protesting sleep mightily, and that is just not an option. He's thrown up twice today and appears to be running a low-grade fever, so we hope sleep will stave off whatever appears to be lurking just beneath his less than happy surface.

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