Wednesday, December 17, 2008

H is for Health

Actually, H is for (lack of) Health. Baby J is sick, yet again. Two days after ending his last course of antibiotics for an ear infection and cough, he got a thick runny nose again and then this morning he woke up with a temperature that has kept going up, despite Tylenol.

To be more precise, I think he started getting a fever last night at around midnight, when I heard him crying. But he has been a bad sleeper lately and I have settled on a course of tough love and have decided not to got get him in the night at all so he learns how to go back to sleep on his own once and for all. So, I heard him crying off and on until 1:30 and then he appeared to drop off. However, it appears now that I was the one who dropped off, since I heard him crying in my dreams for the rest of the night, only to realize at 5 am he was still crying, which is most definitely not normal. When I went in to get him, he completely broke down, a sign he's been crying a long while. As soon as I hugged him, I knew he was burning up.

So this morning we are off to the pediatrician's once again. And what are they going to tell us? Who the heck knows, at this point. He has been, as they say here, pitiful all morning, teary and red-eyed and fragile. And the morning is complicated by the fact that we have seminary, as usual, and the husband's Christmas party, for which I was supposed to make pasta salad and a deli tray (of course I forgot about this until 9 pm last night and had to go run for the ingredients then, but that's another story and just icing on the putrid cake that was yesterday). So I've been hurriedly boiling pasta and chopping ingredients and rolling meat into pretty(ish) packages while the husband has watched the baby (he's going into work late to accommodate our insanity at home). Now the husband is showering and we'll switch in a minute and then go into work to drop off the food and then to the doctor and then back to work to eat (perhaps) and pick up dishes and then most likely to the pharmacy to pick up whatever drugs they recommend and then home for a long overdue nap at that point. Poor Baby, slung all over the world while sick!

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