Saturday, January 10, 2009

I have often walked

For about a day before seminary started back up this month, I missed the boys. Baby J was already in serious teenage boy withdrawal, following them with his eyes around church and practically jumping with glee when they took the time to notice him. But I was enjoying the break, right up until the end, when I told the husband I was ready to have them back.

Then they returned, in the flesh. And just like that, I didn't miss them anymore. And sort of wondered why I had.

Don't get me wrong: these are by and large good kids. I mean, they come to bible study at 6:30 in the morning, every school day, with virtually no complaints (at least to us). BUT, time away has put us almost back at square one as far as our bold behavior modification initiative goes. Already this week, the husband has had to give a stern lecture outlawing racist, prejudiced, or stereotyping jokes of any kind. I've had to command several boys to cease talking until they had something relevant to say. Both of us have repeatedly had to remind everyone that dancing, rapping, "secret" handshakes, and sound effects of any kind are frowned upon. And so it begins!

Really, it's good to be back on a regular schedule, and getting up so early means I don't resent J's penchant for the early morning hours (much) because we're up already (or almost). And J really does love the boys; I think he's become their mascot (there have been spirited discussions about his nickname on Facebook, for instance, and I've heard one boy gives a J report at dinner). So, all in all, we're happy they've returned. Now if we can all just make it until spring break!

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