Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Because, because, because

Our departure date arrives. In the meantime, the in-laws have been here, showering (can we still call him a) Baby J (and us) with gifts and affection. J responded by performing well and not napping at all, of course. It took him a little while to warm up to his grandparents whom he only remembers seeing on Skype, but in short order he was jumping from my arms to grandma's, because he's no dummy!

They left Sunday night, helping us eat up the last of the food in our refrigerator and keeping me from stressing out about packing and leaving more than is necessary. (Minimal freaking out is good for you, you see.)

And now, we move into last minute packing mode. My goal is to go to the store only once for last minute craziness. We'll see how that goes. The husband, in the meantime, is getting things wrapped up at work, or as wrapped up as they can be. And baby J is crying in his bed. I'm trying to get him to take more than a half hour nap now that the distraction of the grandparents is gone. Of course, the point is somewhat moot since we leave for a transatlantic flight to see the other grandparents tomorrow, multiplying the distractions tenfold!

So, in light of all I have to do, I decided to clean the oven. Because now is the perfect time for that, right? Turns out, the juices from our luau that overflowed into my oven are, ummm, one step below nuclear in their strength. The surface grime cleaned right up. The luau caked on, burned on, charred mess? Still there, mocking me with its resilience. And me with no time to research better cleaning methods. It will all have to wait until I return. But then...I'm going to kill it!

And, we're off!

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