Friday, March 27, 2009

It must be high or low

So, anyone who knows me (or has met me, actually) can tell I'm not Domesty McDomestic. Some people mistakenly believe my outside veneer of organization translates into organization in all areas of my life. Those people have clearly not been to my house! I hate housecleaning; I don't get excited about new and different methods of spring cleaning or new sets of baskets or caddies to corral the mess. I once listened to a conversation in which multiple women explained that the last thing they would do before evacuating for a hurricane would be run the dishwasher and vacuum, and I honestly couldn't imagine doing such a thing. What would be the point? My pantry is relatively organized, but it stands alone in the disheveled sea that is my kitchen. My books are perfectly in order, but you have to crawl around and over obstacles just to get to them. And let's not even talk about my bedroom, a complete hazard. In short, my domestic victories are few and far between, largely because I don't care enough to pursue them.

Which makes strawberry freezer jam that much more rewarding. It's so easy: chop and crush strawberries. Mix sugar and pectin. Combine sugar mixture with strawberries. Ladle into containers. Wait half an hour. Put in freezer or fridge. THE END! The whole process takes 45 minutes, including the wait time. And then you get to feel all virtuous and economical and, well, domestic! It's great!
But don't get me wrong, I'm not going to turn into a domestic goddess overnight or, most likely, ever. But I am going to have some great sandwiches and pancakes!


Becca said...

Are those the new Ball jars or are using your old Avent breast milk jars like me?

Lilita said...

Actually, those aren't mine at all, just some pic off the web. I used mini ziploc containers, but breast milk jars, huh? how green of you! I, of course, have no breast milk jars to begin with, what with there never being anything to, you know, store. ahem.