Friday, March 06, 2009

Success is my breathing space

True confessions: I've been home for a while, just blogging as if we were still in London because I wanted to get caught up while it was still relatively fresh. Hence the time big time jump today. Ta da!

So, let me catch everyone up: we got home and tried to settle in. Emphasis on the word tried. Returning was abrupt, to say the least. We arrived home at night and went straight to bed, hoping J would sleep well and ignore the time change...which he didn't. La la la, no sleep for the weary. But now he has finally adjusted and is back to his regular schedule, with just normal interruptions for the constant teething.

We started seminary the next day, trying to get back in the swing of things. Apparently, the teaching had been spread around 4 different parents or so while we were gone, and some of them even gave the boys breakfast, a horrible precedent for which we've taken them to task! In our absence, they'd slipped even further away from the behavioral levels we'd finally reached before Christmas break, so we're back at square...two? Who knows? One asked me this morning if I could think of anything better than getting up early in the morning and spending time with them...really? On the one hand, I love the comic relief. On the other hand, goodness, could we please just get through one lesson without having a random discussion about cheerleaders in drag or Yoohoo the chocolate-y beverage? Let's aim for that, shall we?

I spoke in church on our first weekend back, which talk went relatively well and uncovered still more people who know/knew my mom (She was part of my talk, and she makes quite an impression on people!). What with our computer crashing (and the edited version of my talk with it) just as soon as we got back (and yes, there was weeping and wailing and gnashing of teeth and yes, it's all better now, thanks to the Apple genius bar) and my general post-vacation exhaustion, I had no time to be nervous or worried or anything, which was great!

Ah, real life....

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