Thursday, June 04, 2009

Life has new meaning to me

Over the last few months, I've been on a bit of a self-improvement kick. It all began around the time J's first birthday came and went and I still, STILL hadn't lost most of the baby weight. The child was walking, for crying out loud, so it seemed like my "he's still a baby" cover was blown.

To be honest, I've had mixed results across the board. As far as weight loss goes, that has been mostly successful, thanks to Weight Watchers and the Destructicon's vigorous schedule of running headlong into danger. I have been a bit perplexed by the fact that as the number on the scale goes down, my clothes don't seem to fit all that much better, since the new and improved post-baby body may weigh the same as the pre-baby body, but all the weight seems to have migrated to new places. And, I'm sort of regretting my heady days of tossing too-small clothes a while ago when I was frustrated with my weight, since now most of them would fit. But whatever, that's a small matter. The larger matter is that all the weight is gone! Huzzah!

Next, I cut my hair. The intent was just to get it shorter, but then I chopped off a TON. I was getting excited! But I really like it now and may, in fact, get my hair trimmed more regularly to keep it this length. A whole new world after my "cut my hair every 8 months or so" past.

Then, I was on to my teeth. Ever since high school, my front teeth have broken and been repaired more times than I can count. Essentially, all but the roots were fake and done by multiple dentists at many different times. As my current dentist pointed out in his oh-so-subtle way, my two front teeth were, consequently, "not very aesthetically pleasing." So he suggested bleaching and then reshaping the front teeth. Bleaching was fun...ish. Trays, gooey bleach, a yucky half hour process over the course of weeks, yadda yadda yadda. Then the tooth reshaping was...not fun. When we were done, the result was all about the aesthetics (it took my perfectionist dentish two and half hours to get it perfect, including redoing them half way through because he wasn't happy with the "asymmetrical midline." Umm, sure.). However, I felt and talked like Bugs Bunny. I'm convinced the teeth are slightly too long for my mouth, causing me to lisp just a little bit and making me feel like a rabbit. But I'm working through my issues to see if I can adjust or do need a bit taken off the bottom and the back. I go back and forth about this but since only a week has passed, I'm going to grin and bear it a bit longer and see. However, as everyone has said, the teeth LOOK great! My singing career is over, however, natch!


Becky said...

Ok you definitely need to post a picture! I'm thinking of this hot, sexy mamma so why is your picture not posted yet?!

Betsy said...

Yes, I second that comment. Where are the photos?????