Wednesday, July 15, 2009

When the one you leave

I've been having a yucky sort of week. Here are the highlights....such as they are.

The husband shanghaied me into playing on his work kick ball team. I started this blog after our last kick ball, umm, adventure, but let me sum up: while he was a resident, he played kick ball with his fellow residents. Basically, everyone else drank A LOT and played abysmally and got stuff stolen out of their cars (we didn't play in the best neighborhood). It wasn't my favorite time. This time around, things are at once slightly better and slightly more aggravating. This time, we WON our first game (color me shocked!), though I was the abysmal player this time around because, well, I'm not all that athletic, people! In between fielding, I tried to keep J from drinking from the cold shiny blue cans of beer left on the ground and stealing drinks and snacks from the other little spectators, all girls. Luckily, one of their mothers watched him while we were on the field, because my services were so necessary I was only able to sit out one inning. All in all, it still wasn't the best time one could imagine. Go figure!

I've also been feeling kind of yucky. Chills in the evenings and hot at night. It's disconcerting, particularly the chills part. I mean, it's a million degrees here, and I'm shivering, putting on sweaters and piling on blankets. I'm lucky we have a thermometer in J's room, or I would be convinced he's also cold, when, in reality, his room is usually a toasty 75 degrees.

I braved the water park again today with J, after a short hiatus after he freaked me out so much with his baby death wishes. And things went relatively well, until he went through the blasted partially submerged tunnel, jumped out the other end, and ran away from me. As I sprinted up and down the steps that separated us, he fell down in the water and by the time I got to him, a seemingly never ending 20 seconds later, pushing small children out of my way, he was sitting on the bottom of the pool looking up at me and gulping in water. I scooped him up and helped him cough out the considerable water he'd inhaled, and then we both sat quietly on the side of the pool while he recovered and I got my heart rate back to normal. Then we went to get a life jacket, not that they help much since he hasn't yet learned to keep himself upright. SIGH!

Blah, blah, BLAH!

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yarmurd said...

At least you are playing in a better area. I do miss kickball though. Have fun!