Tuesday, August 04, 2009

If I ever lose my faith in you

We're on our way to the husband's motherland today, ready or not. And actually, we are pretty much not ready. At all.

You see, I've been really sick the past few weeks, and so my normally crack planning and packing have been missing. Which means that we leave here in two hours and we are not packed and the house is not even close to being ready to leave and I'm having a bit of an anxiety attack about it all. (And so I'm blogging, of course!)

Luckily, it's not like we're going to Timbuktu. They have almost everything we need somewhere in Utah, if (when) we do forget something. All we really need to have are the essentials: Toddler J, snacks and activities for the plane, car seat, stroller, and our various medications. Everything else is replaceable, more or less. And I vow as of this minute not to worry about it at all once we get in the car and take off.

In the meantime, the husband is having an anxiety attack of his own as he contemplates getting not just Toddler J through the flights but me as well. So wish us all luck!! And bon voyage...or something like that.

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Becky said...

Are you going to be in UT for long? It isn't too long of a drive for us to come visit you if you have time available. We're awlays up for visiting Chas friends! Besides Lance is past the Matt withdrawal phase and has gone on to shout out Matt's name whilst sleeping. :)