Monday, August 31, 2009

While washing the clouds away

Woe is my blog, ya'll! I'm lagging far, far behind in blogging and have come to the point where other peoples' lives (which I read about in their frequently updated blogs, emails, picasa albums, facebook updates, even good ole letters) are becoming more real to me than my own. I am that starved for narrative!

And it's not like nothing has been going on here! Only, it's just like that. Nothing has been happening. A big, fat pile of nothing. Or at least, nothing good. No, wait, that's not exactly true, there is something good but with a lot of bad side effects....perhaps I should just cut to the chase, hmmm?

I'm pregnant. We're more than 3 months along and due in early March. Yay!? No, really, we're very happy about the new addition, promise! Well, we're happy. Based on Toddler J's reaction at church yesterday while I was holding another baby (lo the screeching and wailing), he may be less than enthused about a new addition, but I'm sure he'll adapt quickly. What we're all not happy about are the immediate results of the blessed event.

We found out we were expecting the day I was supposed to be scheduling surgery for my gall bladder. So they quickly nixed the surgery and sent me on my way. Then I scheduled a visit with my OB and sat back to wait for the sickness to begin. I was hoping it wouldn't, of course, but my history told me it would come, inevitably. What I hadn't bargained on was the complication of the gall bladder. Turns out, my already pretty substantial morning sickness is being aggravated by the gall bladder nausea, to such an extent that right now we are all thinking second trimester gall bladder surgery might be our best bet.

So, to sum up, here's what's been going on during blog silence:

--Vomiting. Copious amounts.
--Sleeping. Not nearly enough.
--Lying on the couch. Often. All day long, actually.
--Bemoaning my firstborn's lack of stimulation. From me.
--Ignoring guilt and my dirty house. Again and again.

Wash, rinse, repeat. It's so bad that my acupuncturist, the earth mother herself, delicately asked me "are you planning on getting pregnant again?" and then showed obvious relief when I said "Heck NO!" Some people are born to be pregnant. I am not one of them. Any additional children will have to come from someone else's womb. And that is perfectly fine with me!


laqne said...

congratulation - officially. when do you know what you are having????/

joyful704 said...

you just summed up the last three months of our life too! J will never remember this time either so stop feeling guilty. happy days to come!

Justin and Crystal said...

Congrats to you!! Good luck making it through another pregnancy! -- glad it's not me....

Becky said...

Happy day for you or rather should I say happy day in March when this is all over?! I'm sorry you're so sick! My genetics also state extreme sickness and vomiting during ALL 9 MONTHS of pregnancy. Which is why I'm holding off as long as possible.......but really, congrats! I hope the yuckiness subsides SOON!