Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Minor bathroom details ahead. Consider yourself warned.

Toddler J confounds me. His latest maneuver is baffling. A few weeks ago, he started to want to sit on the potty before his bath and at random other times during the day. Now, this was happening WAY ahead of my ideal schedule for potty training him. As you can imagine, I've got this all worked out, timed around the next baby's arrival, switching to a big boy bed, etc., etc., etc. There's a plan, people!

To which, Toddler J says a resounding "Phooey!" Within a few days, he was peeing in the potty fairly regularly before his bath. Okay, fine, it's a novelty. Whatever. Only then, a few nights ago, he started motioning wildly while in the tub, and when we gave in and got him onto the potty (which we now have to do two or three times per bath, because it's SO MUCH FUN!), he peed and pooped and was so dang proud of himself. As well he should be, of course, but what about my schedule?

No, really, if I have to trade language skills for independent potty training, it's a fair trade...for now. He's been keeping it up fairly regularly since then, so huzzah for him. And for us, sure, but, as I said, it's confounding.

And, you know, par for the course!

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joyful704 said...

put him in undies and don't look back!!! way to go J!! i am trying to channel the patience to start Ollie!