Thursday, October 01, 2009

The sound of silence

This pregnancy has been weird.

Okay, I don't have a lot of comparisons, but this one has been odd even by those standards. First, there's the sugar thing. I was compensating for the lack of fat by eating more sugar, until it occurred to me that the killer headaches I was getting kept coming after sugar, specifically candy. When I stopped eating candy, the headaches stopped. Seriously? Seriously?!! Can I have NO vices?

Then there's the weight thing. Last time around, with Toddler J, I didn't gain weight much until after 5 months, so I'm used to not putting on the pounds right away (don't worry, after that, I once gained 12 pounds in one week. It wasn't pretty). But this time, what with the lack of fatty foods and much food in general, things are even stranger. My tummy and, by extension, the baby are growing, but everything else is shrinking. My pre-pregnancy jeans no longer fit, not because I can't button them (which I can't), but because they won't stay up on my hips. It appears, lacking anything else to eat, the baby is eating my thighs. And my cheeks. Both sets. I'm not complaining, mind you, but it's a very bizarre development.

And don't get me started on the sensitivities. The food aversions are the usual though annoying, but on top of those I appear to have a heightened sensitivity to sound. This is saying something; I can't handle sounds usually so an increased inability to deal with noise is crippling. And while I can't have sugar, my body seems to LOVE the sour. That Del Monte red grapefruit that comes in the refrigerated section? Might as well be crack! I can't get enough. And I don't even really like grapefruit.

Like I said, weird.


joyful704 said...

lucky girl, i want to get pregnant and loose my thighs!! i always inhale grapefruit when i am pregnant. this time around mango too.

Lauren said...

LOL, good times, huh? I also lost a bunch of weight at first cuz I couldn't eat much... but gained it back and then some towards the end thanks to drinking copious amounts of lemonade or anything sour I could get my swollen hands on!