Monday, December 21, 2009

Since the second world war

Sleep equals bliss!

Yesterday, as I was recovering from being dreadfully sick, Toddler J helpfully slept from his regular bedtime until 7:20 am, a real accomplishment for him of the never sleeping (for context, the day before, after the Christmas party, he went to sleep after 10 pm and still got up before 7 am. This morning, it's now 7:29, and I haven't heard a peep, despite the husband rattling pots and pans around in the kitchen preparing for a work breakfast. It's a Monday morning, and my child is not awake before 6:00 am, as per usual.

Ah ah ah AH! (That's the sound of the heavens opening and choirs of angels singing triumphant songs in my head.) Just in time for us to leave on a trip and get his schedule all messed up and just in time for him to learn to sleep through another baby's cries, he finally understands that sleep is not for the weak after all!

As the husband just said in a jubilant tone after he ascertained incredulously that J was still asleep, "His entire life is about to change....Our lives are about to change!" Can you tell we're a bit excited around here??

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