Monday, January 18, 2010

Come on in and cover me

Well, it's official: I am in LOVE with my new bedroom curtains!

After the break-in, the husband decided he wanted heavier curtains in our bedroom, since putting a new computer in there is an option we might explore. So, I dutifully started searching, skeptical that I would get out of this endeavor without having to spend much more money than I wanted. Our bedroom, you see, has two whole walls of windows, which is fabulous for us but horrible for curtains. Our current curtains are from K-Mart, the only place I could find enough matching panels in stock when we moved in without breaking the bank. But they are admittedly cheap curtains, so he was right, it was time for a change, for many reasons.

My search originally revealed what I had suspected. The kind of curtains we wanted (called blackout curtains, by the way) are extremely popular, largely because, in addition to blocking light, they are also energy efficient. (Who knew? Where was I during all this development in curtain technology??) Consequently, however, the curtains were all kinds of pricey. And it turns out we need 10 panels to adequately cover our room. I even investigated making the curtains myself, but figured it was both time and cost prohibitive.

Eventually, I stumbled upon the Eclipse brand, sold several places but on sale at Target. I bought two panels to try them out, decided they would work, and ordered 8 more online (since none of my local stores had enough in stock). The husband put them up last night, and they are AMAZING!! They really do block out the light and our room is at least 10 degrees warmer, and I slept until 7 am this morning without even knowing it because I couldn't see any morning light. The next door neighbor's back porch blazing beacon light that has bothered me since we moved in is now gone from view. These curtains are the greatest, AND, at $12.99 per 42 x 84 panel, they were the least expensive option as well. Huzzah! I went ahead and bought some for the new baby's room and I am thinking about getting at least one more panel for Toddler J's room to work in tandem with the blackout shade he already has (eliminating my cute duct tape work minimizing the light that escapes that shade, blackout or no).

After trauma, it's the small victories we are celebrating, people!

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