Saturday, January 23, 2010

Sooner or later the fever ends

If you are the sort that pays attention to this kind of thing, you will see on my sidebar that I finally succumbed and put one of those "count down to delivery" widgets up. Now, in all honesty, I think I should explain myself since I sort of vowed after last time never to get caught up in the countdown widget hype and yet, here I am, doing it again.

The main reason I put one up is because everyone, and I mean EVERYONE keeps forgetting my due date. Including my OB, who presumably has it written on the paper in front of her. And has just measured me and said "you're measuring exactly right," only that can't be true since 30 seconds later she says I am two weeks less farther along than I am. In fairness, she is the substitute OB (mine having just gone on maternity leave; oh the irony, as my students would say), but still, wouldn't you then pay even slightly MORE attention since you don't really know this person?

And including many of my friends, who are forever asking me (the same friends several times each) when I am due. I mean, if I were in a ward like the one we left in Philly in which, at the time we left, 28 women were pregnant(no joke), I could understand this. But I am one of two, at least as far as we know (there may be others in the early stages, of course, but as people told me repeatedly when I finally revealed the pregnancy this time, it doesn't count until you are telling people. My all-day sickness that didn't care much about who knew contradicted them, but I kept that to myself.), so really.

And the list goes on, including relatives and associates from all parts of my life. And I get it, I really do. I have long since realized I am not the center of anyone's life, even my own, but then I decided I could help out at least the blog-reading contingent with one of these widgets. And this one is fairly innocuous, so there we go. And it informs us that as of today, we have 43 days left to go until March 7th, the official due date. Oh, as all the helpful people keep saying, that's so soon! To which I invariably reply (although sometimes quietly in my head so I won't offend them) "NOT SOON ENOUGH!!!"


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