Sunday, February 14, 2010

F is for Fun

Happy Valentine's Day, tiny band of loyal readers! Today is not a particularly love-oriented post, so read on forewarned. But really, everyone in the world is doing love posts today, so I say buck the trend, right? Or something....moving on, then!

Sadly, this title of this post is more hopeful than real right now, particularly for Toddler J. Mommy is really, REALLY not fun at the moment. I can't get down on the floor; I can't cuddle on the bed without freaking out the minute things get even a tiny bit rough (because of the potential for accidentally injuring me or the new baby); I can't even read for very long without losing my breath; and I don't have a lap to speak of. In short, not so much fun.

But we have some fun on the horizon, right?? Mommy's hosted a swap party yesterday, and the husband and Toddler J hand fun hanging out by themselves and with a few more kids, so that was fun, right? And a kind friend has offered to take J to a play date for most of the day on Monday, when her daughter has the day off from school and wants to go play with another friend who has a brother close to J's age. Definitely fun. Plus, we're going to library story time on Thursday mornings, at which J can see his toddler crush Becca (he's the toddler; she's the adult he not so secretly wishes were his mommy) and hear stories at the same time and we get to replenish our supply of library books and DVDs. More fun! So things are not all bad. Just sort of.

As for me, the most fun I can imagine for myself at the moment is labor or cleaning, so you know I must be hard up for entertainment, right? What we al need is something out of the ordinary, like...a circus! Or...a cruise! ice cream truck to appear in our living room! Any other (more realistic) suggestions? We are open to them all!

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